A Daring Man

Hörbuchdownload - Seven Brides, Sprecher: Tieran Wilder

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Zac Randolph is a gambling man. One of seven infamous brothers, he kicked the Texas dust off his boots and found his new home in the Little Corner of Heaven Saloon in San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast. Running a saloon is exactly the kind of work he's best suited for, and he's happiest keeping the rough men who frequent his halls in line.But then a figure from his past comes calling, and his whole world is flipped upside-down.Zac has no interest in helping a woman like Lily Sterling navigate the streets of San Francisco--despite what he once promised her. But no matter how he tries, Zac can't shake the determined do-gooder. When the chips are down, this daring gambler is left with no choice but to trust his instincts and go all-in to save the day, the girl, and maybe even himself.